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I cannot thank you enough for this adorable addition to our family.  She has brought so much joy and happiness to all of us.  I cannot stop just staring at her and giving her many hugs and kisses that she has no time for.  She has totally moved in and now rules this household.  She is almost totally potty trained. She has slept the night through since day one.  She has mastered sit, watch and down with the clicker. Yes she is being clicker trained.  She is also totally crate trained.  She loves her crate and takes the best naps in it.  She is very high energy and cannot play enough, although, after about 30 minutes, she will crash for a nap.  She loves everyone, (people and pets).   
Peyton had her first visit with the vet for her 12 week checkup.  She was the prize of the day.  Everyone wanted to see the new rare breed dog.  They have not herd of her nor seen one before.  She wiggled her way into everyone's heart.  She is a big 3.1 lbs.  Her doctor told me her breeder was awesome.  Her bite is perfect, eyes amazing, joints perfect and a coat of hair to kill for.  I was very proud to hear how much he praised you both.  His comment was "I had done an excellent job in finding a breeder for Peyton". I am so blessed, not only with the two of you, but also with a vet.
Stacy, Maryland

We adopted our little bolognese  puppy from you almost four years ago (she was born 3/17/12).  We are the couple who lived in Brookings, Oregon and went on vacation and then dropped down to you to pick up Coco up on our way home.  I have meant to write you so many times to tell you the joy this little dog has bought to us.  She is a little doll and goes everywhere we  go. We have purchased a really nice fifth wheel and are about to embark on some adventures and Coco will be with us. We actually made some upgrades on this fifth wheel to ensure Coco is comfortable. Lol!
Here is a picture of her.  We like to keep her clipped shorter so it's easier as we travel. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Sharon, Oregon

Hello Cindy,
Just wanted to tell wish you happy (early) Thanksgiving...and let you know that Tucker  is doing great. He is such a charmer and everyone loves him at the dog park. Here is a recent photo of him.   Aaron, Pennsylvania

Dear Sarah and Cindy, I think of you both often and have wanted to send you an update on Mia and thought this would be a good time since she turned one yesterday.  She is just a doll and brings much joy and delight into our home.  I love her calm demeanor and the fact that she is always aware of what I am doing?  However, her best friend is my five year old, Amy. She has maxed out at 5 1/2 pounds.  Stephany, Texas

Hello Cindy, Its Walter. Just want to update on the puppy. He is doing very well with my family. My kids and wife love him and cant stop playing with him when he is not sleeping. Again thank you for the puppy, we love him. Here is a picture of him in our back yard exploring.
Walter, Texas​

Cindy .. Happy New Year!  Thought you might like to see an updated picture of Tinkerbell.  She has brought such joy to my life.  We girls(Mollie, Tink, and I ) have moved to a new home and the girls have just transitioned beautifully. It is so cute to see them cuddle together. Tinkerbell was spayed in November and it has not changed her a bit.   She weighed in a whoppin' 4.5 # .  I just had her cut for Christmas and I love seeing her cute little face.   That is what drew me to her when she was a puppy and I picked her from the others.
I Wish a Healthy, Happy New year.... please keep in touch.  Adrienne, Washingtion

Dear Cindy,
Isabella is done with all her shots, she weighs 3.8 pounds . She loves her food. I brought her a Christmas dress ,so when I get it you will receive a picture if I can make her sit still. She knows a few command ,so she is catching on real well. I'm so in Love with her she makes me laugh so much, Just wanted to Wish you a merry Christmas Happy New Year. Sincerely  Debbie, New Jersey.​

I just had to send you this picture of Lucy ( Bolognese) and tell you that she is doing great.  To me she is just perfect.  I have to laugh at her antics as she is very adventurous and will try anything at least once.  She sure lives up to her name!!!  Yes, she is a bit spoiled; she sleeps on the pillow beside my head and sometimes decides to join me on mine.  And with a basket full of toys, her favorite game is stealing socks and then the chase is on.   I hope all is well with you.  I can't tell you how happy I am I found My Darling Dogs which led me to Lucy.  As you can tell, I love her dearly. Sincerely,  Mary

I am enjoying every minute with Sophie ( Bolognese) and she is getting bolder, more accustomed to her surroundings everyday. She is basically very well trained and goes on the paper 90% of the time when reminded. We had her to the vet who said she is very healthy and she is about 2 lbs.08 ounces. She is a love Barbara  Pennsylvania

Cindy, I received one of your dogs (Bolognese) "second hand" from my mother when Mom moved into an adult family home last fall. I was somewhat reluctant to accept Lizzie Darling because I was unsure if I really wanted the responsibility of a dog. I am writing you to let know she is the best companion. She is smart, playful and mostly obedient. I can't imagine not having her in my life.I have lived in my condo complex for 10 years and until I started walking Lizzie I didn't know many of my neighbors. I now know Jack, Ginger, Lucy, Katie, Bear, Gunner and their humans.  I just want to say thank you and let you know that Lizzie is happy, well loved and cared for. I live close to my mom and take Lizzie to visit regularly. Lizzie knows where Mom's room is and runs to her and jumps into her lap.  If Mom is asleep she always wakes up with a laugh to see Lizzy in her face. Warmly, Darcy, Oregon

This a photo of Moses at 4 months. 
He is obsessed with the dishwasher!
He has been a comfort and a joy…. 
Also a crazy lunatic!!!  
Everyone in the neighborhood is in love with him, but no one more than I am. 
Thank you for this wonderful gift. 
Hope you and your family are well, 
All the best,  Claudia,  Arizona

Cindy...We love Toto. He is so adjusted. Goes pee pee on this pad.  Does not cry at night. Love to cuddle. Thank you!   Rene Texas

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Our Customer’s  Comments

​Our Roxie ( Bolognese) is so wonderful! We are just crazy about her. I haven't seen my husband this giddy over anyone in a long time. She weighed in yesterday at 3lbs 14 ozs. She's really growing fast, and is developing a sweet, sweet personality with a little bit of impishness, which I love. She's quite an extrovert. Roxie goes to work with me at my store every afternoon. All my employees and my customers love her. She has lots of attention and loves every minute of it. In the mornings she stays home with our housekeeper (who loves her almost as much as we do) who is helping us train her. She is about 98% potty trained and that was the easiest training I have ever done. She is just sooo smart. We are currently leash training her and she is doing well. She is retrieving her ragbones and her ball and is responding to "Sit". (At least sometimes.) I find that training her in every respect is easy. She seems to be happy learning. I am sending pictures. Please share them with Glenda. She is truly wonderful!   Judy,   South Carolina​

Hi Cindy, 
We bought a male Bolognese puppy from you last September, and I just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much we have enjoyed him in our home.  We named him Cosmo,  He has been the sweetest, brightest, most loving dog we have ever been around. My wife and I both grew up with dogs, and had one dog before Cosmo. We expected one tough year of dealing with a new puppy before he settled in and was really enjoyable.  Not the case, he learns quickly listens well and has become a member of the family.  House breaking wasn't super fast but not bad. He quickly learned what toys were his and what he wasn't allowed to chew on. (he loves he's toys and I don't think he could ever get tired of playing fetch).  Our two daughters (5 and 10) love him and he loves them. Cosmo loves to jump up on there beds and snuggle with them at bedtime. He has burrowed in and made a place in our hearts. If I were to try and imagine the perfect pet, or companion it would be Cosmo. Thank you so much. You have helped make our family complete.  Micha,

Hi Cindy, 
Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new baby!  She is so sweet and has quite the personality!  We take her everywhere with us and she is a true show stopper.  People everywhere can't believe how cute and how tiny she is.  She gets along great with our other two dogs and loves everyone she meets!
Stephanie,  New York


My grandmother and grandfather could not be happier with the beautiful puppy. I will send you pictures soon, thank you so much, I think a new puppy is really good for the soul. My grandmother said that you were very sweet she enjoyed meeting you as well. We will be in touch, thank you for making this such a great experience, take care, Shannon, Boston MA