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Serafina and Molly

Serafina, an Italian Bolognese puppy, explores her new home and becomes Molly's best friend forever.

                     My Darling Dog Storybooks

My Darling Dogs-—Our First Storybook For Kids (and Moms and Dads)

Throughout the years, we have heard from many of you about your precious puppies and how they have brought lots of happiness into your homes. You tell us stories about how they greet you, talk to you, interact with you , go everywhere with you—to the store, to the park, on family vacations. You have shared the antics of your special puppy and made us laugh and some have even made us cry—describing the loyalty and almost empathetic knowing your dog has in difficult situations. We decided to write some stories for kids about us, our darling dogs, and your darling dogs and puppies.

Each storybook will tell a little history about the Coton de Tulear and Italian Bolognese. These puppies are rare breed treasures and many people don’t know about them. There’s a map inside each book so you can see where your puppy originally came from many years ago. You will see real pictures of puppies that have eventually gone to their new families. You may even recognize your puppy, who knows?

​​​​My Darling Dogs