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Bolognese and  Coton de Tulear
Coton de Tuelear puppies for sale.
Bolognese puppies for sale

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We are breeders of Coton De Tulear and Bolognese.  Darling little rare breed dogs. They are endearing, charming, and light hearted. They are highly intelligent, playful, and love their families. Can be clownish and love to twirl and dance. They have hair, not fur, are non-shedding with little pet dander and are odorless hypoallergenic Dogs. Bolognese and Cotons make wonderful family pets and endearing companions.

Beautiful, Champion Line puppies at Affordable Prices! 

We strive to make purchasing a puppy from us a pleasant experience. Health Guarantee, shipping available. See our Frequently Ask Questions

Cotons and Bolognese are a great choice for condo and apartment dwellers as they do not require a lot of room. Their calm, quite nature lends itself to community living.

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Each storybook will tell a little history about the Coton de Tulear and Italian Bolognese. These puppies are rare breed treasures and many people don’t know about them. There’s a map inside each book so you can see where the puppy originally came from many years ago.  You will see real pictures of puppies that have eventually gone to their new families.  You may even recognize your puppy, who knows?

  At "My Darling Dogs" three of us raise Bolognese, and Coton de Tulear and share this website. We each have just a few but between us we have puppies several times a year.

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USA Bolognese Breeders
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Tahlulah (Bolognese) and Tatyannah (Coton) with their owner in Michigan.


                 Ozzie... Bolognese agility champion!

  Bologense dog

 Bolognese..Berdots Alfonso

Bolognese dogs are small 5-10 pounds, standing 8-10 " at the shoulders, sturdy and squarely built. Their luxuriant all white coat is soft and fluffy laying in silky ringlets. Bolognese are smart, alert and extremely affectionate. Bolognese are all white dogs. We raise beautiful Bolognese. We have Bolognese puppies for sale through out the year.

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ARBA Master Champion and International Champion.. Louis Le Beaux Bocheli

Coton De Tulear dogs are small 8-15 pounds, standing less than a foot at the shoulders. Cotons are named for their gorgeous, soft, cottony textured coats. Cotons are a white dog but they can have some patches of color on the face and ears and a few splashes on the body. Cotons are attentive, loving little companions with charming personalities! We have beautiful Coton de Tulear, sometimes called Coton puppies For Sale through out the year.

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Not to be outdone is Cody.. a Coton de Tulear!
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